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General awareness for IBPS Clerk Online Exam 2012

Welcome back. This Blog sponsoring Online practice mock test for General awareness section for IBPS Clerk Online exam 2012-2013 and most expected general awareness questions .lets hone to practice mock test.


1. 'Mujhe Dena Aur Prem' is a Hindi book written by?
[A] Salman Rushdie
[B] Taslima Nasreen
[C] Gulzar
[D] Gulab Kothari
[E] None of these

2. Which of the following islands announced the creation of the world's largest marine park, covering about 1.1 million square kilometers of the South Pacific Ocean in August 2012?
[A] Baker Island
[B] Bouvet Island
[C] Cook Islands
[D] Solomon Islands
[E] American Samoa

3. Which two countries released a joint stamp depicting the highest and the lowest places on earth-Mount Everest and the Dead Sea-in September 2012?
[A] India and Jordan
[B] Nepal and Jordan
[C] China and Israel
[D] Nepal and Israel
[E] Nepal and Syria

4. Which of the following towers was renamed the Elizabeth Tower in recognition of the Queen's 60 year reign in September 2012?
[A] Eiffel Tower
[B] Canton Tower
[C] Big Ben Clock Tower
[D] CN Tower
[E] KL Tower

5. The Hindu Marriage Registrat-ion Bill 2012 aims to provide le-gal and social protection to me-mbers of the Hindu community. Which country's parliament pas-sed this bill in September 2012?
[A] UK [B] Pakistan
[C] Maldives
[D] Bangladesh
[E] Afghanistan

6. Which country has decided to shut down the Manas Air Base used by the USA? (The base was opened in December 2001 to support US military operations in the ongoing war in Afghanistan)
[A] Ukraine
[B] Kyrgyzstan
[C] Kazakhstan
[D] Azerbaijan
[E] Uzbekistan

7. Who was appointed as Chairm-an of the Forward Markets Co-mmission (FMC) on September 24, 2012? (FMC is the commodity markets regulator)
[A] M.Mathisekaran
[B] Ramesh Abhishek
[C] R.Dharmarajan
[D] Rahul Khullar
[E] None of these

8. Antony Jenkins was appointed Chief Executive of which of the following banking giants on August 30, 2012?
[A] Barclays
[B] BNP Paribas
[C] Citi bank
[D] Royal Bank of Scotland
[E] None of these

9. Who has signed up a Rs 40 crore deal with Rhiti Sports Manage-ment Company, making her India's highest paid sportsperson outside Cricket?
[A] Sania Mirza
[B] Mary Kom
[C] Deepika Pallikal
[D] Saina Nehwal
[E] Deepika Kumari

10. Karnataka won the Buchi Babu Trophy after beating Kerala in September 2012. Buchi Babu Trophy is related to?
[A] Hockey
[B] Tennis
[C] Cricket
[D] Badminton
[E] Archery

11. India is ranked 169 in the FIFA football rankings. Which country is ranked world number one?
[A] Spain
[B] Germany
[C] England
[D] Brazil
[E] Uruguay

12. Which of the following teams won the Coromandel King All India Moin-ud-Dowla Gold Cup invitation cricket tournament at Rajiv Gandhi stadium in Hyderabad in September 2012?
[A] Tamil Nadu
[B] Delhi
[C] Goa
[D] Kerala
[E] Hyderabad

13. Who among the following Indian golfers clinched his third Asian Tour title at the Yeangder Tournament Players Champion-ship in Taipei, Taiwan on September 17, 2012?
[A] Himmat Rai
[B] Anirban Lahiri
[C] Gaganjeet Bhullar
[D] Chiragh Kumar
[E] Jyothi Randhawa

14. The Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC) in its 'Economic Outlook for 2012-13' report released in August 2012 had projected the Indian economy to grow at?
[A] 5.5%
[B] 8.2%
[C] 6.7%
[D] 8.5%
[E] 7.5%

15. Hadia Tajik was appointed Minister of Culture of which of the following countries in September 2012? (She is the first Muslim and youngest Minister ever in that country's political history)
[A] Norway
[B] Denmark
[C] Sweden
[D] Indonesia
[E] UK

16. K.S.Sudarshan passed away on September 15, 2012. He was former?
[A] Union Cabinet Minister
[B] Supreme Court Judge
[C] Civil Servant
[D] Chief of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
[E] Chief Minister of Karnataka

17. Emomali Rahmon visited India in September 2012. He is the President of?
[A] Kazakhstan
[B] Tajikistan
[C] Kyrgyzstan
[D] Uzbekistan
[E] Azerbaijan

18. Daniel Vasella will be gifting his entire personal collection of Indian sculptures and other art work to Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sanghral-aya. He is the Chairman of which of the following pharmaceutical groups?
[A] Pfizer
[B] Merck& Co.
[C] Novartis
[D] Sanofi-Aventis
[E] GlaxoSmithKline



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