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IBPS IT Specialist Officer professional knowledge Practice -6

professional knowledge questions for IBPS Specialist IT Officer

1. What are the safest ways to edit registry in win 95?

[A] Edit



[D] Control Panel Applets

[E] None of these



2. Input of Lex is -----

[A] Set a regular expression

[B] Statement

[C] Numeric data

[D] ASCII code

[E] None of these



3. Stack is …………………… structure.

[A] Last in first out (LIFO)

[B] First in First out (FIFO)

[C] First in Last out (FILO)

[D] First come First served (FCFS)

[E] None of these



4. A language L allows declaration of arrays whose sizes are not known during compilation. It is required to use efficient use of memory, which one of the following is true?

[A] A compiler using static memory, allocation can be written for L.

[B] A compiler cannot be written L: an interpreter must be used

[C] A compiler using dynamic memory allocation can be written

[D] All of the above

[E] None of these



5. Which of the following systems implementation approaches should be used if you want to run the old system and the new system at the same time for a specified period?

[A] Direct

[B] Pilot



[E] None of these



6. In open (), the mode, that opens a binary file for readings is

[A] r

[B] r+

[C] rb


[E] None of these



7. Dirty bit for a page in a page table

[A] Helps avoid unnecessary writers on a paging device

[B] Helps maintain LRU information

(3)Allows only read on as page

[D] All the above

[E] None of these



8. Which of the following is not a logical database structure?

[A] Tree

[B] Relational

[C] Network

[D] Chain

[E] None of these



9. Which is not included in the UNIX file system?

[A] Bin

[B] Usr

[C] Dev

[D]  All the above

[E] None of these



9. The idea of automation with a stack as auxiliary storage----

[A] Finite automata

[B] Pushdown automata

[C] Deterministic automata

[D] All the above

[E] None of these



11. Which of the following derivations does a top-down parser while parsing an input string? The input is assumed to be scanned in left to right order.

[A] Left most derivation

[B] Left most derivation traced out in reverse

[C] Right most derivation

[D] Right most derivation traced out in reverse

[E] None of these



12. Layer one of the OSI model is:

[A] Physical layer

[B] Link layer

[C] Transport layer

[D] Network layer

[E] None of these



13. IE uses ……………………

[A] Active X controls for interaction between browser and third party application and the operating system

[B] Active X control for browser and operating system

[C] Both 1 and 2

[D] Active X controls for only operating system

[E] None of these



14. Parsing is also known as ----------

[A] Lexical analysis

[B] Syntax analysis

[C] Semantic analysis

[D] Code generation

[E] None of these



15. The derivation will be called a ………………….derivation if the non-terminal symmbol replaced at every step is the left most non-terminal symbol in the string.

[A] Left shifting

[B] Left recursion

[C] Left most

[D] Left pushdown

[E] None of these



16. Who provide the leased line?





[E] None of these



17. Master slave flip-flop is also referred to as the………….

[A] Level triggered flip-flop

[B] Pulse triggered flip-flop

[C] Edge triggered flip-flop

[D] All the above

[E] None of these



18. Which of the following circuit type is based up on time or clock pulse?

[A] Combinational circuit

[B] Sequential circuit

[C] Full adder

[D] All the above

[E] None of these



19. A solution to the problem were the source and destination hosts are on the same type of network, but there is a different network in between------

[A] Data link

[B] Packet

[C] Tunneling

[D] Hopping

[E] None of these



20. Which is true?

[A] Functional testing is called black box testing

[B] Structure testing is called glass box testing

[C] Glass box testing is called white box testing

(D) All the above

[E] None of these



21. Storage class defines

[A] The data type

[B]  The scope

[C] The scope and perfomance

[D]  The scope, performance and data type

[E] None of these



22. is a class________ address

[A] A

[B] B

[C] C

[D] D

[E] None of these



23. DMA is

[A] High speed I/O devices

[B] It transfers blocks of data directly to and from its own buffer storage to memory

[C] In DMA transfer for I/O, CPU has no intervention

[D] All the above

[E] None of these



24. Randomized quick sort is an extension of quick sort where the pivot is chosen randomly. What is the worst case complexity of sorting n numbers using randomized quick sort?

[A] 0 (n)

[B] 0 (n log n)

[C] 0 (n2)

[D] 0 (log n)

[E] None of these



25. CIDR (Classless inter Domain Routing)

[A] It is used in class C Networks

[B] It is used in class B Networks

[C] It is used in class A Network

[D] All the above

[E] None of these





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