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Tips and Strategy for IBPS clerk online exam

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS )declared exam dates for online exam. now candidates are ready to move for exam.then what’s DO’s & Don'ts for exam is big confusion IBPS going to conduct Online exam first time CWE. so Candidates also some confusion, this article shows important instruction for exam : Exam Tips Strategy. this is final touch for Aspirants .It is estimated that online scrap answers  so it appears that extreme caution should be taken for the test. Read assessment before indicating login and applying Answers carefully.

Tips and Strategy for IBPS clerk online exam utmost accuracy is needed for each test so take confidential step on while answering. in case you found difficulty question let ignore /skip it out. have chance to answer skipped questions in exam end in case have a time. no worry about questions ignoring.Candidates have to secure minimum cut off marks in Each section is mandatory determined total weightage score  .  so take care on all test don’t  neglect any section. don’t utilise more time in one test.spend time on apportion the judiciously as given. therefore indicating answer take careful because negative marking provision is there penalty marks deducting for each wrong answer of 0.25 marks .  

The Assessment comprise of test is Five sections :

(i)   Reasoning (ii) English Language
(iii) Numerical Ability (iv) General Awareness with special reference to the Banking Industry
(v) Computer Knowledge

Which documents and things to bring for this exam : IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER

(i) Call letter with your recent passport size photograph affixed thereon.
(ii) Photo identity proof such as Passport/PAN Card/ Driving License/Voter’s Card/Bank passbook with photograph/Photo Identity Proof issued by a Gazetted Officer or People’s Representative along with a photograph/Identity card issued by a recognised college/University/Aadhar card with
photograph/Employee ID in original as well as a photocopy.
(iii) One ball point pen.


1. Particulars to be Noted : Please note carefully your Roll Number, Date of Exam., Time and Venue for the examination given in the call letter. Please also note that this call letter does not comprise an offer of employment by any bank.

2. Punctuality in Attendance : You should be present at the examination hall before the time given in the call letter. Candidates arriving late will not be permitted to enter the Examination Hall.

3. Call letter to be Surrendered : Bring this call letter along with the photo identity proof in original and a photocopy with you when you come to the venue for the examination. Write your Roll No. & Registration No. On the photocopy of photo identity proof. You will not be permitted to appear for the examination if you do not bring the call letter along with the photo identity proof in original and a photocopy. You will be required to put your left thumb impression and sign in the respective spaces provided on your call letter in the presence of the invigilator in the examination hall. You should hand over your call letter along with the photocopy of the photo identity proof duly stapled together to the invigilator in the examination hall, when he collects the call letters from the candidates.

4. Compliance with Instructions : You should scrupulously follow the instructions given by test administrators and the invigilators at all the stages of the examination for which you have been called. If you violate the instructions you will be disqualified and may also be asked to leave the examination hall.

5. Use of Books, Notes and Copying or Receiving/Giving Assistance Not Allowed : No calculator, separate or with watch, pagers, cell phones, books, slide rules, foot rules, note-books or written notes will be allowed inside the examination hall. Any candidate who is found either copying or receiving or giving assistance will be disqualified.

6. Do not leave your seat unless you are allowed.

7. Use of Stationery : You must bring a ball point pen with you.

8. Rough work to be done on the sheet provided : You should do all the necessary rough work on sheet provided only. After the test is over, you should hand over the sheet, given for rough work to the invigilator before leaving the room.

9. Travelling Allowance not admissible : No travelling allowance or other expenses in connection with the examination will be paid.

Details about IBPS On-line Test Pattern

1. A login screen will be displayed to the candidate. The candidate has to log in using his/her User ID and Password.

2. After logging in, the instructions will be displayed on the screen.

3. A candidate should read the instructions carefully and indicate that he has done so by ‘checking’ (click) the box at the bottom of the screen, after which the ‘I am ready to begin’ button is activated.

4. After clicking on the ‘I am ready to begin’ button the actual test time will begin.

5. There are 200 questions and each question is followed by 5 alternatives/options numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

6. The total marks for the test are 200.

7. The questions except those on English Language will be available in Hindi and in English. In order to view a given question in the other language, a candidate can click on the ‘view in’ drop down box and select the desired language.

8. Only one question will be displayed at a time

9. In order to answer a question, the candidate has to ‘mouse click’ the option he/she thinks is appropriate/ correct. The alternative which has been clicked on will be highlighted and shall be treated as the answer given by the candidate for the question.

10. After selecting an answer for a question the candidate should click on the ‘SAVE & NEXT’ button to save his answer and proceed to the next question. Note that without clicking on ‘Save & Next’ button the answer selected for a question will not be saved.

11. In case a candidate does not wish to attempt the question then he/ she should not click on any option for that question. A candidate can choose to deselect his/her answer for a particular question by clicking on the ‘CLEAR RESPONSE’ button provided against each question.

12. In case a candidate wants to skip a particular question and return to it later before submitting his/her test or a candidate ‘clicks’ (selects) an answer for a particular question but wishes to review it later, he/she may note down the question number on the sheet provided. In such cases the candidate may also click on the ‘MARK FOR REVIEW & NEXT’ button. In case an answer has been selected for a particular question which has been marked as ‘MARK FOR REVIEW & NEXT’, the answer marked will be taken for final evaluation.

13. The question numbers of attempted and un-attempted questions are also shown to the right of the screen. A candidate can then click on any of the question numbers to view the question, in order to attempt/ revise his/her answer to the question.

14. Each question number will be displayed in a particular colour depending on the status of the question:

White : Not visited : Question has not been viewed/ attempted

Red : Not Answered : Question has been viewed but not answered

Green : Answered : Question has been answered

Violet : Marked : Question has been marked for review later

15. Candidates are not permitted to submit their answers before the entire test time i.e 120 minutes is over.

16. A candidate can navigate between questions by clicking on the question number displayed to the right of the screen.

17. When a candidate clicks on a particular question, it takes some time for the question to appear. The time lost is not deducted from the total time allotted for the test.

18. Under no circumstances should a candidate click on any of the ‘keyboard keys’ once the exam starts as this will lock the exam.

About the Submission

1. Candidates are not permitted to submit their answers before the entire test time is over.

2. A candidate can only change his/ her answer before clicking the ‘Submit’ button.

3. After the expiry of the exam duration, candidates will not be able to attempt any question or check their answers.

A candidate’s answers would be automatically saved by the computer system even if he has not clicked the ‘Submit’ button.




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sir can we divide time for each section/ if we wish to finish g.k in 15 mins and maths in 40 mins..can we do so or not?

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and what about nagetive marking

Admin said...

negative marks evry wrong Answer deduct 0.25 marks from right on

Shakti said...

in case power failure or disconnected internet connection during the exam ,,'ll it resume??

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If i change the language to tamil by using "view in" option means the questions will be displayed in english and in tamil. Is it so..?

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how to get the login and password for online exam...

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AS it is online exam what about result. it will appear instantly or not.

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Incase after selecting an answer for a question and click "SAVE & NEXT" button. If before submitting i can change the answer?

Admin said...

results will later declare by IBPS

Admin said...

@nithi nithya can change answer any moment

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in my admit card my name wrongly spelt...can i change it or correct in my admit card hard copy ..plz repl....!

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