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IBPS IT Specialist Officer professional knowledge Practice -9

professional knowledge questions for IBPS Specialist IT Officer

1. This component is required to process data into information and consists of integrated circuits.

[A] Hard disk




[E] None of these



2. What is backup?

[A] Adding more components to your network

[B] Protecting data by copying it from the original source to a different destination

[C] Filtering old data from the new data

[D] Accessing data on tape

[E] None of these



3. Network components are connected to the same cable in the _____ topology.

[A] Star

[B] Ring

[C] Bus

[D] Mesh

[E] Mixed



4. Two or more computers connected to each other for sharing information from a_______

[A] Network

[B] Router

[C] Server

[D] Tunnel

[E] Pipeline



5. What is the term for unsolicited E-mail?

[A] Newsgroup

[B] Usenet

[C] Backbone

[D] Flaming

[E] None of these



6. What type of program controls the various computer parts and allows the user to interact with the computer?

[A] Utility software

[B] Operating system

[C] Word processing software

[D] Database program

[E] None of these



7. Each cell in a Microsoft office Excel document is referred to by its cell address, which is the ____

[A] Cell’s column label

[B] Cell’s column label and worksheet tab name

[C] Cell’s row label

[D] Cell’s row and column labels

[E] None of these



8 . What is the process of copying software from secondary storage media to the hard disk called?

[A] Configuration

[B] Download

[C] Storage

[D] Upload

[E] Installation



9. The code for a web page is written using_________

[A] A fifth generation language

[B] Win zip

[C] Peri

[D] Hypertext Markup Language




10. Small application programs that run on a web page and may ensure a form is completed properly or provide animation are known as__________

[A] Flash

[B] Spiders

[C] Cookies

[D] Applets

[E] Sparks



11. In a relation database, this is a data structure that organizes the information about a single topic into rows and columns.

[A] Block

[B] Record

[C] Tuple

[D] Table

[E] Command the interface



12. The first computers were programmed using_______

[A] Assembly language

[B] Machine language

[C] Source code

[D] Object code

[E] Formatting error



13. When the pointer is positioned on a ______, it is shaped like a hand.

[A] Grammar error

[B] Hyperlink

[C] Screen tip

[D] Spelling error

[E] For mating error



14. Dos and windows 3.x support file names upto______charecters in length

[A] Two

[B] Four

[C] Six

[D] Eight

[E] None of these



15. ______ is collection of web pages and ______ is the very first page that we see on opening of a website

[A] Home page, web- page

[B] Web-site, home-page

[C] Web-page, home -page

[D] Web-site, web-page

[E] None of these



16. When we run a program in HTML coding,_____ is used as backend and ____ works as frontend.

[A] Notepad-Internet-Explorer

[B] Notepad-Msn-messenger

[C] MS-word-Internet explorer

[D] Both 1 and 2

[E] None of these



17. If the _______ bit in X.25 standard is to 1. It means that there is more than one packet.

[A] Q

[B] D

[C] M

[D] J

[E] None of these



18. A device operating at the physical layer is called a

[A] Bridge

[B] Router

[C] Repeater

[D] All the above

[E] None of these



19. For separating channels in FDM, it is necessary to use

[A] Time slots

[B] Band pass filters

[C] Differentiation

[D] All the above

[E] None of these



20. Encryption and decryption are function of

[A] Transport layer

[B] Session layer

[C] Presentation layer

[D] All the above

[E] None of these



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