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professional knowledge Practice Questions for IBPS Specialist IT set-4

Today Set 4 question producing here ,Just Practice and gain All the Best ..

professional knowledge questions for IBPS Specialist-IT

1. What type of attack do some firewalls try to limit by enforcing rules on how long a GET or POST request can be?

[A] Smurf

[B] Denial of service

[C] Buffer overflow


[E] None of these



2. This is a documents that states in writing how a company plans to protect the company’s physical and IT assets:

[A] Data Encryption Standard

[B] Security Policy

[C] Public Key Certificate

[D] Access Control List

[E] Copyright



3. This is the process of determining whether someone or something os, in fact, who or what is declared to be?

[A] Conditional access

[B] Anonymizer

[C] Bypass

[D] User profile

[E] Authentication



4. This is an agreement a company may ask an employee to sign that specifies what is considered to be appropriate (or in appropriate) use of e-mail or web browsing?





[E] None of these



5. Which are examples of IPS (Intrusion Protection system)?

[A] Solar Open Design Wall

[B] Grsecurity


[D] All of the above

[E] None of these



6. Which of the following are methods of Network Security?


[B] Encryption

[C] Honey pots

[D] Firewall

[E] All of the above



7. This is a set of related programs, usually located at a network gateway server, that protects the resources of a private network from other network:

[A] Firewall

[B] Root kit

[C] Sandbox

[D] Password Cracker

[E] None of these



8. What happens if you digitally sign and inject footer on an e-mail message in the order?

[A] Nothing

[B] The message won’t be sent.

[C] The footer will invalidate the signature.

[D] The footer will be illegible.

[E] None of these



9. This is a class of programs that searches your hard drive and floppy disks for any known or potential virus:

[A] Intrusion Detection

[B] Security identifier

[C] Antigen

[D] Probe

[E] Antivirus software



10. The basic objective of Audit is:

[A] Safeguard and Assets

[B] Maintain Data Integrity

[C] Maintain Process Integrity

[D] Achieve the goals organization effectively

[E] None of these



11. Which is not true about Computer audit?

[A] Computer audit does not focus on process integrity.

[B] It throws much light on system effectiveness.

[C] Scope is limited to system and procedure being followed.

[D] Computer audit is carried done mostly around the computer.

[E] None of these



12. Which of them is not an input control type?

[A] Unintentional entry of wrong data

[B] Preparation of false input forms

[C] Intentional entry of fraudulent data

[D] Use of unauthorized Input forms

[E] Password secrecy



13. What best defines audit Trail?

[A] Trailing of audit process

[B] Chronological record of all events on system are maintained

[C] Chronological record of all events on system are not maintained

[D] Its maintenance of audit process

[E] None of these



14. Which of them forms a data items for audit trails?

[A] Unique identifier of source code

[B] Unique identifier of person

[C] Time and Date at which messages are dispatched

[D] Unique identifier for each node of network

[E] All the above



15. Which of them is not an approach for computer auditing?

[A] Audit around the computer

[B] Audit with computer

[C] Audit through the computer

[D] Audit on computer

[E] None of these



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